Bachelor of Arts.

Eligibility Procedure (Degree College).

Students who have passed their Higher Secondary Certificate Examination from other than Maharashtra state Secondary & Higher Education Board, required to have following Original documents at the time of admission.

  1. Mark sheet.
  2. Passing Certificate or Provisional passing Certificate.
  3. Leaving Certificate (should be counter singed by the Educational Authority) or Transfer Certificate.
  4. Migration Certificate.
  5. Form for Provisional Statement of Eligibility form University of Mumbai.

Note: The Admission to these Students will be provisional on basis of subject to the confirmation of Eligibility from the University of Mumbai.

F.Y.B.A. Course of study will be according to Credit and Grade based system.
(A) Compulsory : 3 Papers of 100 marks each:
1. English 2. Foundation Course – |
3. Any one of hte following Languages:
(i) Urdu
(ii) Hindi
(iii) Marathi
(iv) Arabic
(B) Optional: 3 Papers of 100 Marks each: Select Any Three Groups and one subject from each group. (The same subject will continue in S.Y.B.A.)
Group 1. Economics / History
Group 2. Political science / Psychology
Group 3. Sociology / Islamic Studies
Group 4. Urdu / English Group
Group 5. Hindi / Persian / Arabic / Marathi / Philosophy
The Student will study the following subject of 100 marks each :
1. Foundation Course Paper – ||
2. Applied Component (Select any one from the following )
(i) Market Research (ii) Demography
(iii) Mass Communication    
3. The THREE optional Subject offered at the F.Y.B.A. will remain the same.

The student from other institutions seeking admission to S.Y.B.A. Class in this College may offer any THREE Subject from the following as situdied by them at F.Y.B.A.

(i) Eco. / Hist
(ii) Pol.Sc./Psy.
(iii) Socio. / Islamic Studies
(iv) Urdu / Eng.
(v) Hindi / Persian / Arabic / Marathi
1. Urdu 2. Economics 3. Islamic studies 4. Marathi
5. Arabic 6. Sociology 7. English  

Any one of the following combinations of two subject of 3 papers of 100 marks each, provided the student had offered these subject at S.Y.B.A. Level.

1. Urdu-History 7. History-Political Science
2. Urdu-Islamic Studies 8. History-Islamic Studies
3. Urdu-Persian 9. Hindi-History
4. Arabic-Islamic Studies 10. Hindi-Political Science
5. Arabic-History 11. Urdu-Hindi.
6. Persian-History 12. Urdu-Political Science

(The Student who wish to offer Arabic and Islamic Studies in combination with Sociology, Economics and Political Science may contact the Vice-Principal.)

N.B.: Paper VI & IX are compulsory Applied component papers with Theory 80 marks and project 20 marks.
Separate passing in Theory and Project is nescessary

Each student will have to submit the completed Project / Assignment to the concerned teacher latest by 15th December of the academic year. Thereafter no project or assignment will be accepted under any circumstances.