Bachelor of Computer Sci.

Eligibility Procedure (Degree College).

Students who have passed their Higher Secondary Certificate Examination from other than Maharashtra state Secondary & Higher Education Board, required to have the following Original documents at the time of admission.

  1. Mark sheet
  2. Passing Certificate or Provisional passing Certificate
  3. Leaving Certificate (should be counter singed by the Educational Authority) or Transfer Certificate.
  4. Migration Certificate
  5. Form for Provisional Statement of Eligibility form University of Mumbai.

Note: The Admission to these Students will be on provisional basis subject to the confirmation of Eligibility from the University of Mumbai.

F.Y.B.Sc. Course of study will be according to Credit and Grade based system.
Paper I : Foundation Course – |
Paper II : Micro Processor, Computer Architecture
Paper II : C Language, Advance C Language
Paper IV : Maths |, Maths ||
Paper V : Statistics |, Statistics ||
Paper I : Foundation Course – ||
Paper II : Dicreet Maths, Computer Graphics
Paper III : C++, Introduction to Java
Paper IV : DBMS, Software Engineering
Paper V : Maths |, Maths ||, Maths |||
Paper I : Data Communication, Networking & Security
Paper II : Advanced Java
paper III : Operating Systems & Linux
Paper IV : DBMS II & Software Engineering
App. Com-| : Principles of Web Design and Web Technologies
App. Com-|| : Dot Net Technologies
01 Project