Bachelor of Science

Eligibility Procedure (Degree College).

Students who have passed their Higher Secondary Certificate Examination from other than Maharashtra state Secondary & Higher Education Board, required to have following Original documents at the time of admission.

  1. Mark sheet.
  2. Passing Certificate or Provisional passing Certificate.
  3. Leaving Certificate (should be counter singed by the Educational Authority) or Transfer Certificate.
  4. Migration Certificate.
  5. Form for Provisional Statement of Eligibility form University of Mumbai.

Note: The Admission to these Students will be provisional on basis of subject to the confirmation of Eligibility from the University of Mumbai.

F.Y.B.Sc. Course of study will be according to Credit and Grade based system.

1. Foundation Course – |   (1 Paper of 100 markes)
2. Any one of hte following subject :-
1. Physics, Chemistry, Maths
2. Physics, Chemistry, Botany
3. Physics, Chemistry, Zoology
4. Chemistry, Botany, Zoology

1. Foundation Course – || (1 Paper of 100 markes)
2. One of the following combinations of subject, from the subjects offered at F.Y.B.Sc.-
1. Physics, Maths
2. Physics, Chemistry
3. Chemistry, Botany
4. Chemistry, Zoology
5. Chemistry, Maths
6. Botany, Zoology

Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology will have 3 papers of 30+30+30 marks each of 2 hours duration. Plus 3 practicals of 40 marks of 3 hours duration. Mathematics will have two papers of 90 marks each and a tutorial of 10 marks each, and third paper of 60 marks alongwith 40 marks practical.


Select any one of the following :    
1. Chemistry Drug & Dyes
2. Physics Electronics Instrumentation
3. Botany Horticulture
4. Zoology Fisher Biology
5. Mathematics Elements of Operation Research

(Major subject have 4 Papers of 100 marks each and 4 practicals of 50 marks each) Applied components have 2 paper of 60 marks each & 2 practicals of 40 marks each.