1. It is compulsory for every student to appear for every test and examination held by the College.
2. Students who fail to comply with ordinanecs 119/120/125 of the University of Mumbai and those do not keep terms to the satisfaction of the HOD & Principal of the College, and they have not attended the prescribed of lectures will be declared defaulters and as such they will not be allowed to appear for the final exams.
3. Any student who fails to show satisfactory progress in all subject at the preliminary Examination or remains absent from the examination for any reason, may not be sent for the University Examination.
4. The Examination System for First year B.A., B.Sc. & B.Com. classes from the academic year 2011-12 will be based on Credit & Grading system. The Modalities of Assessment under the credit system for F.Y.B.A., B.Sc. & B.Com. will be as under :


Internal Assessment 40% 40 Marks
Two periodical class Test / Case Studies on-line or Combination of these 20 Marks
One assignment 10 Marks
Active participation in class instructional deliveries 05 Marks
Overall conduct as a responsible student, mannerism and articulation and exhibit of
leadership qualities in organizing related academic activities.
05 Marks






Semester End Assessment 60% 60 Marks
Duration – These examination shall be of 2 Hours duration.
Question Paper Pattern :-
All question shall be compulsory with internal choice within the questions.
Questions may be sub-divided into sub-question a, b, c, d & e only and the allocaton of marks depends on the weightage of the topic.







The Student shall have to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in aggregate to qualify each course where the course consists of Internal Assessment & Semester End Examination. Howerver, the student shall obtain minimum of 40% marks i.e. 24 out of 60 in Semester End Examination separately.

To qualfy each course minimum grade E shall be obtained by the student in each course and project wherever applicable in a particular semester.


A Student who PASSES in the Internal Assessment but FAILS in the Semester Examination of the course shall reappear for the Semester End Examination of that Course . However, his / she shall be entitled for grade obtained by him/her on passing of the complete course.

A student who FAILS in the Internal Assessment PASSES in the Semester End Examination of the course shall submit and reappear for the Internal assessment in the from of project for that course. However, his/ her marks of the Semester End Examination shall be carried over and he/she shall be entitled for grade obtained by him/her on qualifying the course.

The Evaluation for student for student who fails in Internal Assessment will consist of one project of 40 marks which will be divided into 20 marks for the documentation of the project given by the concerned teachers on the curriculum, 10 marks each for the presentation and for the viva.

ATKT (Allowed to keep Term)

A student shall be allowed to be keept term for Semester- || irrespective of number of heads of failure in the Semester-|

A student shall be allowed to be keep term for Semester-||| if he/she passes each of Semester-| and Semester-||

A student who fails in not more than two course of Semester-| and Semester-|| taken together.


Class test or assignment for Internal Assessment :

a. A student who is absent for the tow class tests and has appeared for the assignment will be declared fail in the Internal Assessment Scheme.

b. A student who is absent for the two class test and the assignment for the assignment will be Allowed to apper for the additional class test of 10 marks. However assessment will be calculated as out of 40 marks and not 30 marks.

c. A student who has appeared for both the class test but remains absent for the assignment will be allowed to appear for the additionam assessment wil be calculated as out of 40 marks.

d. A student who is absent for one of the 2 class test or assignment as the case may be, and the internal assessment willl be calculated as out of 40 marks.


All the student of the F.Y.& S.Y. Classes are required to apper for TWO terms / Semester Examinations. One, before the end of First Term and the Second before the end Second Term.


A student who PASSES IN ALL THE COURSES BUT DOES NOT secures minimum grade of E in project as applicable has to resubmit a fresh project till he/she secures a minimum of grade E

The credits and grade points secured by him/her in the other courses will be carried forward and he/she shall be entitled for grade obtained by them on passing of all the courses.

The evaluation of project and viva/voce examination shall be done by marks only and then it will be converted into grade in the seven point scale and award the same to the student.

A student shall have to obtain minimum of grade E (or its equivalent marks) in project evaluation and viva/voce taken together to obtain 40% marks in project work.


Grade Points
70 & above
60 to 69.99
55 to 59.99
50 to 54.99
45 to 49.99
40 to 44.99
F (Fail)
39.99 & below







5. If the student is found using unfair means during the examination, he/she will be strictly punished as per the Govt. of Maharaashtra Act No. XXXI of 1982 and the Amended Ordinance 220 of the University Of Mumbai.