1. On admission, each student will receive an IDENTITY CARD. No student will be allowed admission to lectures, practical’s, College functions etc. or have access to the Library, College Office, Laboratories, Gymkhana, Canteen and even the College Premises itself without the possession of a valid identity card, which must be produced on demand, by any competent authority. Failure to observe this rule will entail withdrawal of the above privileges provided by the College. It is mandatory to wear valid identity card in the college premises.
2. Each student admitted to the College is expected to behave inside and outside the College in an orderly and disciplined manner and to have regard for the staff and good name of the College.
3.  All students are answerable to the Principal, Vice-Principal and members it of the staff for their conduct in the College. For their behavior outside the College, if it adversely effects the good of the College, appropriate action may be taken within the principles of justice and equity.
4. Insubordination and unbecoming language or conduct in any form are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of student.
5. Any form of ‘Ragging’ or Intimidation or Humiliation and Threatening of any student by other student is strictly prohibited and is liable to the most severe penalties. The case will be registered in the Police Station. The Students of Degree College and his/her parent/ guardian will have to submit the affidavit for not including into any Ragging on a Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.100/- each.
6. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, drug, possession and distribution of drugs, chewing of tobacco, paan and spitting is strictly prohibited in the College premises and College gatherings. The above offence is punishable under the Mumbai Police Act, and the offenders will be severely deal with as per the law.
7. The playing of cards and form of gambling in the College premises is prohibited.
8. Students must attend classes, practicals and tutorials according to the Time-Table on all working days of the College. Absence may lead to loss of a term. A term is granted to a student whose attendance is above 75% and who completes the course of study prescribed.Student will not be allowed to appear for the final examination whose attendance is below 75%. Employed students are entitled for any concessions.
9. Students should take particular care to be punctual. They will not be admitted into the class room if they are more than five minutes late. Attendance will be taken in all the classes and the student marked absent for that lecture will be assumed to have been absent for that full day.
10.Absence from lectures must be justified in writing in stipulated time, and if illness is the cause, a medical certificate must be submitted immediately.
11. Students must not attend classes other their own.
12. Students are not allowed to form any society, groups, make collections, sell tickets, hold meetings, invite a person to address them and go on excursions or picnic without the permission of the Principal.
13. All notices put up on the notice board or any announcements made, must have the previous approval of the Principal.
14. All the associations and committees constituted by the Principal to conduct various co-curricular activities should not hold meetings and publish wall papers, hand bills etc. without prior approval of the Principal
15. Every kind of demonstration that restricts the freedom of the members of the College or disrupts any activity in the College is banned.
16. Attendance for tests and examinations conducted by the College is compulsory. Defaulters will not be allowed to appear in the Examinations conducted by the Board/ University.
17. Students are expected to take proper care of the College property and help in keeping the premises neat and tidy. Damaging the property of the College by disfiguring walls, doors, fittings or breaking furniture etc, is a breach of discipline and the guilty will be duly punished.
18. Students applying for certificates, testimonials, concession forms etc. and those requiring the Principal’s signature on any kind of document or application should first contact the Registrar at least two days in advance. No person should approach the Principal directly.
19. Students should not communicate any information to the press without the written permission of the Principal.
20.Loitering in the corridor, while lectures are on, is strictly prohibited.
21. All student are expected to avoid any form of dress/attire or behavior which could be considered unbecoming in the judgement of any staff member. Short are not considered appropriate dress/attire for attending College.
Students who fails to confirm to this will be asked to leave the college campus and the their parents will be questioned.
22. Rereshments are to be consumed in the canteen area only. They are not to be taken to the staircases, upper floors, class rooms and to the Hall. Loitering any where in the campus will be penalised.
23. Class picnics or outings are banned. Parents are, therefore, warned that the College authorities do not assume any responsibility for such picnics or outings organised by the student on their own.
24. Celebration of Ribbon Day, Frindship Day, Rose Day and Valentines Day is banned and prohibited in the College premises.
25. Any false information submitted to the College in the admission from or otherwise will be liable for the cancellation of the admission and dismissal from the College.
26.Carrying Mobile Phones, Walkman, IPods etc. in the College Premises is Strictly Prohibited. If found it will be confiscated.
27.Students should not bring Valuables/ Jewelry in the College. College will not be responsible for the loss of their valuables and belongings. The girls students should take strict care of their belongings in Girl’s Common Room. College will not responsible for any such loss.
28. College Office will remain open from 10.30a.m to 12.30p.m & 2.30p.m to 4.30p.m.College office will remain close on everySecond and Fourth Saturday.
29. Matters not covered by the above rules will rest at the entire discretion of the Principal.